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Fine art by Mervi

Valkoinen hevonen akvarellimaalaus
Pieni puoliabstrakti akryylimaalaus kukasta

Welcome to explore my art! I am a visual artist and designer from Finland. Fine art is my great passion and richness of life every day.

I’m not limited to any specific subject but since I live in Finland, where nature is all around, it inspires me. I often paint small details of nature or everyday life, animals and flowers. My painting style is precise and detailed although recently I have been striving for a freer expression. As a counterbalance to the detailed works, I sometimes make abstract paintings.


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Newest exhibitions

National juried exhibition at the Puristomo of Cable Factory in Helsinki.

My first solo exhibition in my hometown Kuopio, Finland, in a cozy art café.

I participated in the Finnish Watercolor Art Association’s annual exhibition at the Cable Factory in Helsinki, Finland from July 27th to August 13th, 2023. The theme of the exhibition this time was ‘Pro Aere, Aqua, Terra,’ which translates to ‘For Air, Water, and Land.’ One of my paintings created specifically for this exhibition, titled ‘Goblets Towards the Sky,’ was selected for the exhibition, curated by the artist Alina Sinivaara.”

I was participating in the Finnish Artists Association’s exhibition for the first time. The exhibition was displayed at the Kaamos Gallery in Kuusamo, Finland. I had three of my paintings on display at the exhibition.

I am participating in the May exhibition at La Fiaba Gallery in Jyväskylä city with nine artworks.


I had one watercolor painting with a horse theme in the exhibition that took place in the Akvart Gallery in Helsinki January 16th to January 29th, 2023.

Kuvataiteilija Mervi Korhonen taulujen edessä.

About the artist

I have been drawing since childhood but the actual inner artist in me woke up when I tried oil painting with help of the guide book that I borrowed from a library at the age of 16. That is when I got a special enthusiasm for making art, and I started practicing drawing and painting eagerly.

I prefer to paint topics that are meaningful for me in some way. When I was younger, I searched topics around me, but nowadays, topics and ideas tend to find me without even looking for. Animals have been strongly present in my art from the beginning, as well as the details of nature and everyday life. I have immortalized my own experiences or things that have happened to people near me.