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Great news! I received information that I have been accepted as a member of the Finnish Artists’ Association. This is a significant milestone in my artistic career, and I am truly delighted about it.

Becoming a Member of the Finnish Artists’ Association

Top 80 Paintings todistus Mervi Korhonen

Similar to last year, this fall, the themes for the Malaysian Online Art Competition were landscapes and animals. I participated in the animals category last fall, and since I have been painting animals diligently for years, I wanted to participate in the competition again this fall. After some consideration, I decided to submit a tiger painting I completed earlier in the year for my daughter and a watercolor painting of a forest workhorse that I painted for the local solo exhibition in the spring. The results of the first round of judging were announced at the end of October, and to my delight, the tiger painting was among the selected works. This fall, the competition received a record number of submissions, as the organizer, IFAM Global (Malaysia International Online Juried Art Competitions), reported a total of 1,157 paintings from 53 countries! From this number, 217 paintings were selected to advance. The results of the second round of judging were announced on November 15, 2022. I was truly surprised that the tiger painting was still among the 80 selected paintings! Being part of the TOP 80 out of 1,157 submitted paintings is significant for me, especially considering the presence of highly… Read More »Ranked in the top 80 in the Animals category of the Malaysian online art competition

Ranked in the top 80 in the Animals category of the Malaysian online art competition