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The information in the artworks states whether it is a framed ready-to-hang painting or an unframed artwork. I can also arrange framing for any painting for sale.

You can find my artworks at the following online galleries:


The paintings in the gallery are mainly the watercolour and acrylic ones.


I have painted and drawn so many animals that I made own gallery for them.


Drawing pictures has been strongly present in my art from the beginning. I draw with many different supplies, such as pencils, pastels and dry-chalks.

Welcome to peek into the world of my artworks. In my gallery, you’ll get to explore a wide array of paintings and drawings, where animals, intricate details of nature, and personal experiences take center stage. Behind the artworks pulsate the rhythms of nature and the small wonders of life, which transform beneath the stroke of the brush into stories.

At the heart of my paintings also beats a deep yearning for beauty. Every brushstroke is an attempt to capture moments of beauty on canvas or paper, creating visual pleasure. Behind the artwork, there may also be other emotions, such as sorrow, longing, or nostalgia, but even they often transform into beauty in the finished piece. At least, that’s what many viewers have told me.

I hope my artworks invite you on an artistic journey. Step boldly inside and let art tell you its own story.


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