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My first solo exhibition ‘Life in the Forest and Courtyard’

My first solo exhibition was held at Lepikko Cottage in Pielavesi, Finland from June 1st to September 4th, 2022. The Lepikko Cottage is known for being the birthplace of Finland’s former President Urho Kekkonen (president from 1956 to 1982).

I found out about my selection as the artist for the summer 2022 exhibition at Lepikko Cottage in the fall of 2021. The wish expressed by the exhibition organizer was that the art exhibition would fit well with the milieu of the cottage and the spirit of old times, depicting Finnish forest animals, domestic animals, and rural life. I began planning the exhibition based on this. I selected a few of my previous animal paintings for the exhibition, but during the winter and spring, I also created several new paintings. The latest ones were completed just before the exhibition, almost cutting it close. I must admit, I finished the last acrylic painting featuring a pig only on the day of the opening… The edges of the painting were still slightly damp as we carefully carried it into the trunk of the car when we left for the opening 😄.

Lepikko Cottage was in mind when choosing subjects the whole time I was planning the exhibition. I also heard from the curator that Urho Kekkonen’s father had once worked as a forest foreman.I had already decided to display the sleigh painting I painted the previous year for the Singapore international exhibition, and I didn’t intend to paint another horse. However, in the spring, my mind changed, and I decided to create another horse-themed painting, featuring a horse working in the forest. At the same time, I wanted to highlight the resilient and versatile Finnish horse, which has toiled in fields and forests, assisted in wars, and still holds its place in both riding and trotting today. I have painted many horses before, and they have been one of my favorite subjects since childhood.

The beautiful milieu of Lepikon Torppa and the cozy café were, in my opinion, a perfect venue for the exhibition. I am deeply honored and grateful to have had such a wonderful opportunity to hold my first solo exhibition there. This is a great stepping stone towards new solo exhibitions.

"Mervi Korhonen with flowers in hand at the opening of her first solo exhibition.
Mervi Korhonen at the opening of her first solo art exhibition.

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