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My painting was accepted for an art exhibition in Singapore

18 February, 2021

Today I received exciting news – my painting “Sleigh Ride” has been selected to participate in Singapore’s first international watercolor art exhibition! I am truly thrilled about this and feel immense gratitude that my artwork will be representing Finland on the other side of the globe. It marks the first time my art is showcased outside of Europe, adding even more significance to this experience.

Joining me in the exhibition are three other talented watercolor artists from Finland, and it’s a great honor to be part of this international art community. I look forward to seeing how my piece is received in Singapore, where a snowy Finnish winter landscape with horses and a sleigh is likely to be quite an exotic sight.

You can find more information about the exhibition on the IWS Singapore Facebook page:

Watercolor painting of a horse pulling a sleigh

Sleigh ride, watercolour painting 2021.
A traditional Finnish winter scene with a Finnhorse and sleigh.

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Participants at the Watercolour art exhibition in Singapore in 2021

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